Get to know us.

Petawatt is an environmentally friendly energy company. We specialise in the development and retail of renewable and sustainable energy, and energy producing systems. We care about the earth - so in all that we do we are environmentally conscious and ethical.



Petawatt’s mission is to deliver sustainable and renewable energy to households and businesses, and marine and land based vehicles. We shall do this by providing a product that is competitive, sustainable, and the best value-for-money we can supply whilst striving to exceed our customers’ expectations. All actions taken by Petawatt shall be environmentally conscious and ethical.



Petawatt’s current vision is to produce one petawatt (peta being the SI prefix for 1015 or a ‘quadrillion’) of energy (hence the name) by 2035. In doing so, one gigatonne of carbon-dioxide will be displaced and mercury emissions caused by industrialised fossil fuel energy production will be reduced by 12.3 trillion micrograms.




Our values or core beliefs represent what we at Petawatt stand for, believe in, and our reason for being. They are incorporated into everything that we do, acting as a guide and directing us. We have four pillars holding us up:


1. Do what you are most passionate about. If you have a passion for the work you’re doing, you’ll only do it that much better. We do our best to allocate tasks to those who most appreciate them – and of course have the skill to complete them.


2. Always try to do good. Whether you're a start-up company with a big dream of cleaning the world of carbon emissions or a single person doing your one good deed for the day, regardless of how small, it all works towards a better world.


3. Add value to your work and to your life. Life is short, you should enjoy the work you're doing and it should make you feel fulfilled. We strive to achieve this within our employees and within our customers.


4. Be honest and transparent. We've got nothing to hide - we're proud of what we do and even prouder of why we do it.

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